Dad Sees Puppy Wrestle With Something At The Edge Of Their Driveway, Quickly Runs Over

Peter Shulz is a dog lover just like you! When he adopted his new puppy, he knew she would be his world– and he was 100% right! Gracie, the little Labrador Retriever puppy, has the heart of a warrior but the body of, well, a puppy ????

But Gracie doesn’t care how little she is. She was bred to retrieve. It’s in her DNA!

One Sunday morning, little Gracie hears something outside. She barks at the door. Dad, knowing she is a very good girl and won’t go into the street, allows her to run down to the driveway. But of course, he doesn’t leave her alone. He follows her, keeping a watchful eye.

Dad sees Gracie struggling with something that from his viewpoint, looks as big as she is. Wait, IT IS AS BIG AS SHE IS!

That’s when he realizes it’s the morning paper! But, of course! Now, it’s Gracie’s turn to do what she loves to do best– RETRIEVE! Dad calls, “Bring it here, Gracie.” In the cutest voice possible. He knows she’s little and every little bit of effort is ENORMOUS for her.

The best part: It’s Sunday’s paper, so it’s even larger than it normally is! Gracie needs a helping hand. You have to see how sweet this duo is together!

Gracie is tiny but mighty and does an awesome job. Her dad cheers her on every step of the way. It’s truly adorable! You have to watch the video play out. I watched it twice! And I may watch it again!

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