It’s really amazing to realize that there are so many animals on the planet that we share the world with. It’s just so sad that we don’t get to come very close to the most times. Most wild animals will not let you get within a few feet of them. But what if it actually happened? Well, it’s happening here, and you’re going to fall hard for it!

Here’s a guy tiling his garden on a nice spring day. He must have been planning this throughout the last seasons. As he does his thing, this little thing decides to introduce itself right in the middle of his affair. It even goes ahead to demand some meal!

It’s an American robin bird, and it looks young and energetic. The good creature saw the earthworms coming up out of the soil as the man tilled, so it swooped down to gobble up some. The little bird doesn’t fear the human, letting him even feed it by hand. Lovely.

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