In another latest viral animal video, the emotions of dogs were on full display. Their titles as man’s best friends are not just for their loyalty, but for their emotional attachments as well. In this latest video, a stray dog looked like having tears in his eyes which it could not stop.

The stray dog’s emotions were caught on video because of the actions of a kind passer-by. The stranger had paid a visit to the park where the dog was just to give some food to the dog. The users of social media could not help but be heartbroken at the fate of the dog. They begged for anyone nearby to find the stray dog and provide a happy and loving home for him.

The Stray Dog Was Famished

The incident occurred in a park in Jinzhong, a city in China. The stray was seen wandering about the park. However, it was making a very striking figure: footage captured on a phone showed the stray standing using its two back legs. Then it was holding together the front paws. The dog was clearly begging those around for some food in the animal video.

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As the stranger walks up to him to give him some food, his eyes look like they are tearing up. The stranger then breaks a piece of his sausage and offers it to the dog to eat. The starving stray does not waste any time devouring the tiny bit of food, as per news reports.

However, the astonishing story does not end there. The next day, the stranger, who was a woman, came to the park again. The dog immediately recognized her and ran as fast as he could to meet the stranger. His happiness was so very clear from how fast his tail was wagging.

This time too, the woman had brought food for the stray. Once more, as if the dog could not believe the extent of the kindness, the dog’s eyes seemed to be tearing up. Nevertheless, he was grateful for the offering.

Animals Definitely Have Souls

The stranger, who asked for her identity to not be revealed, said to reporters that she tried to take him to her home, as well. But, as if the dog did not want to intrude, it always jumped down. The stray refused to be carried by her until she could put him in the car.

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She explained that it was a complete coincidence that she had spotted the stray. She was going to visit a park when her friends and she saw the stray. She said that the dog had visibly begun to cry when the strangers offered some food to the poor soul.

So she tried to get the stray dog into her car once. But the dog refused. It seemed like he would rather live in the streets. She then pointed out that the dog was afraid that he would be caught and grabbed like what is done by dog snatchers. These snatchers usually employ tactics like that – they lure dogs to a parked minivan then they run away with the dog.

Unfortunately, the woman said that she failed to find the stray dog afterward. She visited the park for a few days and searched for him. But she has not given up completely yet. She said that she would try to ask those who clean the streets next about the stray’s whereabouts.

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Social media users quickly made the clip go viral. One said that the dog has soulful eyes, and hoped no one would hurt him. A second hoped that the stray dog had not already been snatched. Many others begged that someone adopt him.

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