Who doesn’t like a morning stretch? meet Bikke the Chip, a pet chipmunk that does something so unorthodox that its owner had to bring out the camera and film it just so people would believe him!

As the camera rolls, Bikke begins its morning routine by stretching his jaw and cheeks, sniffing his blanket, and crawling towards the camera. He then goes into a lengthier stretching routine that involves pulling itself across the bed, stretching out flat as a pancake, and opening its chubby cheeks as wide as it possibly can.

The entire 90-seconds clip is some of the cutest video footage you’ll ever see, but my heart nearly exploded when I got to around :35 and Bikke started yawning.

This might be the coolest chipmunk ever.

It’s a great way to start the day, and for Bikke chipmunk, it’s a regular thing. Watch this adorable video of the small rodent stretching, yawning and munching his morning snacks.

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