A mother’s love is unconditional, and sometimes, it defies everything we know. Maternal love is so immense that sometimes it even proves the laws of nature wrong. For instance, cats and dogs are said to be the biggest enemies, so who would have ever guessed a cat would adopt a puppy as her own child?

This miracle happened at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. The people there had found a pit bull puppy that was on the verge of death. He needed a mother to look after him if he were to have any chance of survival.

There were no dog foster moms, so the rescuers did the only thing they could. They tried introducing a mama cat who’d just given birth to the little puppy. And surprisingly, it worked!

The mama cat immediately took to the puppy. She began nursing him like one of her own kittens. The rapidly growing puppy needed more milk than she could give, so the shelter people stepped in to feed him extra. But other than that, these two got on beautifully!

Check out their amazing story below:

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