Most animal rescue organizations today have been working very hard to bring relief to precious animals that need help and deep care. Here is a story of a dog that was found with a huge bulge on her neck feeding her little puppies on the streets.  It was later discovered that she had been suffering from an abscess, a life-threatening infection that had filled her throat with pus.

The infection made the dog weaker and skinnier each passing day. She was so trusting to the members of the Animal Aid Unlimited despite her intense pain. At first, the dog has sedated before the treating the abscess. There was so much pus in the abscess that she would have died without treatment. Her recovery process began immediately after the abscess was drained and was placed under antibiotics and pain treatments.

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Molly, the dog, began eating as she recovered over time. Today, she is vaccinated and busy raising her healthy puppies! It is amazing how a dog that was so close to succumbing to a horrible infection gets treated to continue raising up her puppies.

Let’s hear what you have to say about the organization and the mother dog that was saved from a huge abscess.

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