1. This bear with a totally justifiable response to a lion.

2. This bear giving some scientists a hand.

3. This bear who knows he can dance if he wants to, and he can leave your friends behind.

4. This bear just chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.

5. This bear who just doesn’t understand her cub’s life choices.

6. This bear catching up on how his stocks are doing.

7. This bear making some dinner.

8. This bear who’s looking for his friend.

Seriously, have you seen Brian?

9. This other bear trying to find his friend. But who is a bit cooler.

10. This bear who’s just going to take a seat.

11. This bear who really doesn’t agree with the directions they’re travelling in.

12. This bear who’s just waiting for his friends to turn up so they can have a picnic.

13. This bear who will wave, but doesn’t really want to.

14. These bears also waving back.

15. This bear just getting his exercises.

(OK, technically it's a Red Panda.)

16. This bear who took a tumble on the ice.

17. This bear pondering the meaning of life.

18. This bear who could really use this, thanks.

19. This bear who’s annoyed it’s his round.


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