Are you having a rough day? Week? Year? Well have we got the thing for you! Turn your frown upside down with the only thing worth looking at on the Internet: Cats. But not just any cats, these cats are funny. The only thing better than a cat is a cat meme because it just goes to show that the reason we love cats aren’t just because they are fluffy and purr-fectly precious. 

It’s also because they brighten our day with their quirky purr-sonalities and mischievous ways. For being frisky felines, they have an awful lot of impressive facial expressions and are truly clever, little animals.

1. A Game of Chess

That dog has the fear of God in his eyes.

2. Cat Vs. Potatoes

Aren’t 2 year-old kids great?

3. Pure kitty happiness

This is why we humans do what we do.

4. Photo: Bombed

Mama doesn’t let kitties out of her sight long, does she?

5. The Legend. The Myth.

It IS possible to be all fluff and no fat.

6. If there were a sound to caption this image:

It would be a quick, sharp inhale for sure.


Purr-fectly precious.

8. “Is this the beginning of the end?”

We know all cats are cute but look at that BABY!

9. Tech Support Kitteh

Looking for Meoware.

10. 80’s Cat

He’s cool ASF

11. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

That’s one spooked catto.

12. “Subtle.”

One has shame. One has no idea what shame is. You know who is who before you even look…

13. Surveying the damage…

It’s the worst part of a tantrum.

14. Kitty has seen… things.

15. Warning:

This photo will tug at your heart strings.

16. If I were a cat…

This would definitely be me.

17. Listen here, human…

Boxes are LIFE.

18. That’s one pissed off pussy cat.

No purring for you.

19. What a t-shirt

Look, I’m not promising anything, but cats are notorious for revenge…

20. Whose THE Boss?

We all know it’s the cat.


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