When it comes to heavy snowfall, most people’s lives are put on standstill. However, in 2017, footage from Oregon Zoo showed that life doesn’t stop for its inhabitants.

I remember as a child, waking up, opening the curtains and noticing that it was snowing outside felt like pure magic! Well, it turns out that animals also get very excited by the winter wonderland. Don’t believe us? Just ask the animals at Oregon Zoo.

In January of 2017, Portland, Oregon was hit with a very vicious snowfall that left everywhere buried under a foot of snow. Unfortunately, a lot of business had to close their doors for a few days, including Oregon Zoo.

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But despite the zoo being closed to the public, it doesn’t mean that the place was derelict. In fact, the animals at the zoo knew this was their perfect chance to play around without any interruptions.

Animals at the Oregon Zoo got to have a ‘snow day’ and play outside while the park was closed to visitors.

As you can imagine, Nora the polar bear was having the time of her life as she frolicked around in the snow. This is one bear who definitely took advantage of the weather.

But it wasn’t just Norah the polar bear. The otters and sea lions also decided to spend some quality time in the great outdoors. Even the sea lions and otters hopped out of the water to let the snow fall on their bellies.

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One of the zookeepers wanted to check in on the animals. He had to actually ski down the mountain to reach the facility. But once he got there, he realised just how much fun they were all having. The sounds of delight that the elephant makes is one of the most joyful sounds!

Watch the delightful video below.

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