All animal lovers of the world are in for a treat when they see this sweet relationship between a three-legged pit bull and orphaned kittens. Bella, this pit bull has recently taken four orphaned kittens under her wings. Watch how she nurtures, cleans, and cozies up with these little cuties who obviously adore their new foster parent.

These little kitties were stranded in the streets and wandering around. But helpful owners of Bella decided to take them in. These kitties are now waiting for adoption but until some nice family adopts them, Bella is here to take care of everything they need. They play, sleep and eat together with Bella. They seem to like having a ‘dog parent’ around and Bella no doubt loves them from her heart.

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Even though pit bulls have a polarizing reputation in society, after watching this beautiful video your heart will surely melt to the grounds.

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