Some people will claim that all cats hate loud buzzing noises. Well, they haven’t see this yet!

Here’s a cat that actually loves the sound of a buzz. In fact, he loves it more when he knows it’s something that keeps his teeth clean. This kitty is in love with the electric toothbrush, and his owner knows that, so he makes it his business to always treat the little one to a nice buzzing session. Wow!

In the clip, you see the feline laying comfortably in the sink waiting for something. When the owner grabs the electric toothbrush, the little one knows the fun is on. What happens next is too cute to describe!

Watch as the kitty gets a proper brushing. At one point, he even wants to grab the brush and use it on himself. He such a cute one!

Now you might want to concentrate on the look on his face. He’s clearly in love with all this. He just can’t get enough. In fact, the little being is so overjoyed that he jumps to hug his owner for the love. Nice!

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