A meeting between a baby goat and a litter of puppies is too cute!

When the kid named Pipsqueak met the puppies she tried her best to get them to play with her.

Pipsqueak is a pygmy goat that wants nothing more than to be friends with everyone she meets. Unfortunately for her, the puppies on this particular farm would rather flock together and leave her kind alone. Determined to crack the most adorable social circle in history, Pipsqueak came across one of the puppies named Snowflake and a bond was formed.

Despite their differences, these two realized rather quickly that they were one and the same. Over time (and over lots of cute puppy-pigmy goat playtime) the other pups wanted in on the fun, and that’s when pipsqueak knew she had been accepted as a member of the flock. Have you ever seen anything this precious?

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A few weeks later, the puppies have grown up a bit and are much more curious about Pipsqueak! Share these adorable encounters with your friends!



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