Scary movies or haunted houses are one thing; it’s fine when you know the scares are coming. But when someone catches you off guard and legitimately makes you jump and maybe scream and wee a little? Not cool.

So maybe that’s why it feels so good to exact your revenge and flip the tables. Scarer becomes scare-ee. That’s what we have in this video.

It involves two cats: a seal point ragdoll named Pengpeng (PP for short) and domestic shorthair Wangcai (aka Want). The two kitty housemates have their own TikTok channel—PPandWant—that shows them living their kitty lives, doing typical kitty things. But in a video that has tapped into the app’s zeitgeist, Want has decided to serve up a cold plate of revenge.

To really understand what’s going on here, you have to scroll back to a point nearly a month prior to this video. In a clip posted on April 12, we see PP staked out behind a bedroom door. Through the crack, we see an unsuspecting Want, walking down the hallway, just living his life. Until that is, PP jumps out from behind the door and gives Want a cheeky little scare. Want continues into the room and does his best to play the situation off, but the incident clearly triggered something inside him and the machinations began. That led us to the video below, posted May 8.

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want’s had it with pp scaring him so want’s doing it back

♬ Carmina Burana: O fortuna – Seiji Ozawa


In the video, which has been viewed 13.7 million times, we see the roles reversed. Want camps out behind the same door, while PP is oblivious to what’s to come. Want, however, is more patient than his housemate. He’s been planning this for a month; The Long Game is clearly his forte.

So PP sidles up to the door, but Want holds his position. Oblivious, PP has a little scratch and stretch at the door frame and still Wants to hold. Then, in a diabolical move, Want watches as PP leaves the room and starts to walk down the hallway before Want finally pokes his head out and alerts PP with a little peripheral movement.

Ducking back behind the door again, Want waits as PP is lured back into the room and starts eyeing the door, yet another victim of the toxic relationship between cats and curiosity. And that’s when young Want makes his move. JUMP SCARE!

Unlike Want, PP does not have the ability to mask his reaction. That floorball is clearly shaking. He flees the room like it’s on fire, before regrouping and returning to the scene. He muscles Want out of the way, gives the door a little shoulder check, and even climbs into the space behind the door, making sure there aren’t any other cats ready to jump out.

From there, the bedroom door becomes a hotbed of action, with the two cats taking turns lying in wait for one another in a recurring, Sysphian drama that culminated in Want seemingly getting the last laugh with this epic, three-scare conclusion:



he said gatekeep

♬ Cat Chase – NEKO WORKs

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