If you own a dog, you understand just how complex a process something like a potty break can be. There is no simple “run outside and do your business” here. A good potty break is like a well-written symphony: There are layers and nuance. Things must be smelled. There are noises to investigate and maybe dog friends 1 mile away to be barked at. Perimeters must be checked and zoomies must be zoomed.

On beautiful days, this process is no problem, just let the doggos run and do their thing. But if you’re in a hurry or running late for a meeting or—worst of all—if there’s bad weather, the whole song and dance can seem to take forever. TikTok user Brett Dugas gave us all a hilarious reminder in a video posted during a thunderstorm on July 2.

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“It’s thunderstorming out there,” he tells Mya and Livia, his pair of German shepherds, at the beginning of the video. “We need to be quick, efficient, and keep our composure.”

You can hear the hopefulness in his voice as he prepares to open the door for the pups.

“We just go quickly, then we get back in dry. No wet dogs!”


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But in his heart of hearts, Brett knows better. And sure enough, as soon as the door is open, both doggos sprint for the open yard, beginning the in-depth process of scouting the area. There’s a puddle that must be stood in. Zoomies set in and need to be worked out again, and grass needs to be rolled in to ensure maximum water coverage. All the time, Brett stands, helpless, as the rain continues to fall and soak everyone involved.

“This is my nightmare,” he says to the camera and the people who have watched the video over 1.9 million times.

Finally, both pups come to the “potty” portion of “potty time” and everyone’s business is concluded. Regrouping at the door, Brett’s camera focuses on the two pantings, extremely wet GSDs.

“How do you think that went?” he asks, rhetorically. “Yeah, not … not well, right?”

It’s true, potty time might have been a soggy failure when it comes to avoiding the rain. But in terms of happy, panting, damp doggies, Mya and Livia believe the entire thing was a resounding success. And really, isn’t that what matters most?

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