They said curiosity kills the cat, that’s what happened to this one little kitten that found itself stuck in stuck, sticky situation. Thankfully, there were two good men who didn’t hesitate for a second to rescue the little poor animal.

In July 2014, Winston Young and his buddy heard whimpering cries coming from a crawlspace, just outside an abandoned house. It was 8-10 feet deep. When they took a closer look inside, they discovered a tiny kitten staring back at them- they knew they had to do something quickly.

The question is: How were they able to get in to rescue the kitten?

Then a brilliant idea come to their minds.

The full rescue was uploaded to YouTube, Young explained each step.

“We attached yarn to 4 corners of a mesh netting bag and then had a rope attached to the 4 lengths of yarn,” he wrote.

They then “placed kitten food in an attempt to help attract the trapped kitten.”

One of them was shinning a torchlight down the crawlspace, the other lowered the “device” inside. In about two minutes, the kitten was lifted up to safety. The distressed mother cat was standing nearby waiting. We can see her in the video checking her baby to make sure she’s okay before licking her.

Young and his friend soon realized that the kitten they rescued wasn’t the only one inside the crawlspace. The mother gave birth to her litter down there maybe because she thought it seemed safe.

Young wrote, “The mother of the kitten eventually brought 3 more kittens out of the crawl space.”

“All the cats associated with this video have been fixed,” he added.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

It was unclear why their mother hadn’t brought her first kitten out of the crawlspace, but nonetheless, the two friends did a great job saving the kitten that was crying for help.

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