He wasn’t as scary as he looked ❤️️

A strange-looking creature was recently spotted scrounging around an apartment complex in Florida, munching on any scraps of food he could find. 

His grayish-brown fur looked rough and unkempt, his face had a deep dark sheen, and his body looked skeletal. He looked like a little werewolf — and that’s exactly how he was bred to look. 

The stray cat was a Lykoi cat. He looks this way because of a particular genetic mutation that causes these supernatural-seeming features — and unfortunately, these unusual features have created a demand for more cats to be bred to look like this. 

This particular “werewolf cat” was suffering from some big problems due to neglect. His claws were ingrown and infected. His ears were irritated. And he was clearly very hungry.

It’s a mystery how this cat, now named Logan, ended up in such a nightmarish state, but Chris Poole, a cat rescuer, believes that Logan might have been used for breeding at one time and then tossed aside.

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“My thoughts are that he was owned by someone who was maybe trying to breed him,” Poole wrote. “He was neglected for a long time, since it takes a long time for claws to get that bad.” 

However abnormal Logan looked, Poole knew that this cat deserved just as much love and attention as a normal tabby. So he, along with volunteers from St. Francis Society Animal Rescue (SFSAR), managed to trap the little werewolf and bring him to the vet. 

Little Logan, who perhaps looked a bit scary, was clearly quite scared himself. After being in pain and all alone for who knows how long, the cat, who is estimated to be about 8 years old, wasn’t very eager to start trusting anyone. 

The veterinarians knew they needed to treat the lost creature very gently.

“Because his paws were so painful, he must have been hunching down to stay warm and didn’t move around a lot,” Poole said. “They trimmed [the claws] as far back as they could and soaked his paws in iodine to work on the infection.”

Logan had no microchip and hadn’t been neutered (another reason his rescuers suspect he may have been used for breeding). He clearly had been on his own for quite a long time.

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When Logan was finally wrapped up in a warm blanket, his expression seemed to contain a glimmer of gratitude. 

“His ears were also infected, so while he was mildly sedated they thoroughly cleaned them and put medicine in them,” Poole said.

Logan also had terrible teeth — and many of them were missing. “[He] only has six teeth left,” Poole said.

The treatment went on and on for this roughed-up werewolf. He was crawling with fleas, and so got medicine for that. He had pink eye, and so got antibiotics and eye drops.

But beyond these problems, Logan proved to be quite the little fighter, testing negative for all the more serious diseases, like FIV, feline leukemia and heartworms. 

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There remained the emotional scars, though — but as his rescuers soon figured out, the scary-looking creature actually just really wanted to be held. 

After being under the care of people for just a little while, Logan happily nuzzled into his blanket in the arms of his foster mom, and also of Poole. 

Now resting at his foster mom’s house, Logan has really started to open up — and leave his past behind him. 

“I’d love to know his story,” Poole said, “[but] the bottom line is he’s feeling much better … he has a full belly and a warm bed with a good foster mom!”

Once Logan is fully recovered, he’ll be available for adoption. 

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“We will make sure the second half of his life is lived in luxury surrounded by people who love him!” Poole said. 



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