When we come across someone in need of help, our initial reaction is to help no matter the circumstance is, this is our innate character. Now what about animals? Lost puppy, injured kitten or even a baby squirrel stuck in a tree?

The couple Elize and Anton Olivier didn’t hesitate for a second to show the kind character of humans. While enjoying their walk at the Timbavati Picnic Site in The Kruger National Park in South Africa, the pair suddenly heard a strange cry coming from a tree. At first, they thought it was a bird but when getting closer to the source of sound and looking carefully, they discovered a very tiny baby squirrel hanging from a tree with its neck stuck from a thron. The creature was so tiny and young that its eyes hadn’t even opened yet and was alone and without a mom around.

The baby squirrel in the video looks like it might have lost its bearings and slipped out of the tree as it only looked around 2 weeks old.

Without thinking twice, the couple came to its rescue.

Watch how the couple rescued the tiny creature in the video below:

Elize and Anton worked fast to rescue the baby squirrel and take it in to give it the best chance at survival.

Don’t forget to watch this baby squirrel get rescued from a tree by two kind humans.

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