Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter is an animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. They save and find homes for abandoned and stray animals. To make pet adoption more appealing to the people, they hatched the perfect plot. Humor appeals!

Yes, humor appeals. They figured that if you can make something look funny, people will actually pay attention, and then you can “squeeze” in your touching message and reach the masses. That’s exactly what they did, and it’s bound to be one heck of a success. I like it already!

In a video dubbed “Kitty Kommercial,” this hilarious commercial has quickly gone viral for its hilarity. Just imagine a salesman trying to sell a used car, and you’ll get the point of this video in regard to trying to find homes for the sheltered pets. But it’s its funny touch that’s really interesting. You can’t miss this!

Click on this video and watch this most laughter-inducing clip. You can bet that it’s going to impact many people into adopting these pets. Nice!

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