Unlike humans, dogs have an agile built that can withstand such unfortunate events as the one that happens in this video here. This dog owner, Shannon Johnson, took her dog to the beach, and what happened to the cute canine over there is what’s exactly driving people crazy about this video!

The dog is named Rosie, and she loves to run around. While at the beach, Rosie figures that instead of having to run all the corners, she can as well cut some and save herself some energy and time as she races to make the best of the day. However, that idea doesn’t end up so well for her as things take a “sharp turn.” Now people are reeling in laughter at this!

What happens to this dog at the Australian gold cost will make you realize just how well-built these creatures are.

Mind you, Rosie is still fine despite the incident. You can bet you wouldn’t say the same if this happened to a human!

Click on the video and see what’s happening.

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