This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

Fabio and Gabriel are two parakeets who already know how to call each other by name, but they just learned a new trick. They love playing in or outside their cage together, chasing each other around, and having hilarious chats asking each other, “What ya doing?” Recently, however, they proved their brotherly bond is closer than just quick chats. They learned how to give each other a peck on the cheek with a loud, “Mwahh.”

It’s simply incredible seeing the two of them interacting on a higher level than what you typically see in birds. They are trained very well by their wonderful owner. While some birds learn to repeat words back to you, these birds actually seem to understand what they are saying. For these two little brothers, each day is filled with joy and love.

Their bright colors, sweet personalities, and adorable giggles make for super fun pets. They love having each other around, and never stop hanging out together. When one of them is quiet, the other makes up for the noise, wondering what the other is up to. Their owner has non-stop entertainment with her cute birds Fabio and Gabriel.


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