He had been in the pound for his entire life..

In Romania, one dog has spent his entire lifetime in the public pound until he was found. He was neither loved nor cared for, and never knew basic commands. People did not want to adopt him either, and most of them would either pass by or ignore him. The dog, named Arkin, was also no longer fazed whenever he saw people walk by. However, he also had no idea there were people out there who were to help him.

Arkin’s eyes had no hope. He never barked or whined either. He had almost given up on life when one day, his inner cry of help was heard by a team of kind-hearted volunteers from a local rescue group.

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Howl Of A Dog rescued Arkin, and brought him to the vet clinic to receive emergency medical care. The poor dog suffers from a terrible flea infestation, and thus received a medicated bath along with a check-up and a few blood tests to make sure that he is healthy.

It took some time for Arkin, but his formerly sad self has started to fade away. It was time for the dog to start a brand new life, and day by day he improves by caming out of his shell bit by bit. Arkin is currently in the care of staff at Howl Of A Dog, and has made an incredible recovery thanks to their loving care. However, the pooch still needs a forever home – that is the only happy ending. he deserves.

Watch the touching story in the video below!

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What a story! I’m very grateful for these kind people who rescued Arkin and we hope he finds the perfect family for him.


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