Snow leopards are truly majestic creatures. When they catch their prey, they hunt using the element of surprise. They follow quietly in the shadows before they pounce. It’s a skill they’re born with but it still has to be practiced like a fine art. By the looks of things, this baby snow leopard is already excelling in their field.

In this footage, we see a baby snow leopard practicing their sneak attack with its mama snow leopard by their side. As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’ and this young snow leopard is well on its way to success.

A baby snow leopard practices its pounce attack with mama

Every time the mama turns her head, you see the cub move ever closer, keeping as low to the ground as possible. Then it stands still like a statue whenever she looks in its direction.

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Visitors at a zoo noticed the snow leopard cub hiding behind a rock, patiently watching his mother who is relaxing in the near distance.

As soon as the mama snow leopard walks in the tiny cub’s direction, that’s when the creature springs into action. But it wasn’t the cub that ended up ‘springing’ the most, the mom was so startled by the pounce that she jumped higher than a kangaroo!

As the cub tries to get her, the mom quickly leaps out of its way with agility and grace. It certainly caught the visitors at the zoo off guard!

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Still, this little creature might be small, but it certainly knows how to scare its target.

Don’t forget to watch this adorable moment when a baby snow leopard scares its mom in the video below:

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