Actually, our life is full of stories where we have discussed about the relationship between the humans and the animal world. Our childhood has been full of such stories that we have heard from our grandparents and others that tell us about the friendship of us humans and the animals.

Some stories are about the friendship between the two, while some are famous for the enmity between the two.

Some stories are full of bravery and ferociousness while some stories are full of vengeance and cleverness on the part of humans or animals.

We have heard the stories about animals saving the life of a human and some stories are based on the topic that the life of an animal is saved by a human, but both ways the jist of the story is that both the communities have to co-exist in this world so that the natural balance of nature is maintained. 

Throughout our lives we have been taught the same lesson again and again that the dog is the most faithful of all animals towards us. A dog is the best companion that we have ever found in the absence of other human beings. A dog that has been taken as a pet will never hurt or betray his owner but many a time it has been seen that the dog has sacrificed himself to save the life of a human.

A human being can betray a human being but a dog will never at all betray a human being ever in his life.

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Today we are here to discuss about a dog who belonged to an old lady. They were together for a very long time and had spent many years together. Finally one day the old lady expired and she was hide in the graveyard.

The poor dog who could not bear the expire of the lady was very sad and was lying on the grave of the lady for many days. The people who crossed the graveyard could see the dog lying on the grave without eating or drinking anything for days. This is the bond that is made famous between a dog and his owner.

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