Dogs are famously best known for one personality trait that we all love: their unwavering loyalty, which is often shown towards the ones they love and care about. Dogs would do anything to protect us, as they knew that we would also do the same for them. Many dogs even placed their lives at risk just to rescue their beloved owners, as so did this German Shepherd. Plus, its caught all on tape.

It was business as usual for one man manning his own store, with his dear German Shepherd beside him and underneath the store counter. He was presumed to be dabbling with the cash register when a stranger walked in. He looked up, thinking that it was another customer. To his horror and dismay, it was not a client – but a robber. And he was armed with a pistol. The man hurriedly backs away, frozen with fear. But someone is able to help him, and drive the robber away.

Without hestitation, the man’s German Shepherd bit the wrist of the robber, causing him to be accidentally disarmed in the process. The gun he had been holding while reaching over the store counter had dropped onto the floor – and it was an opportune moment. The man stepped forward and quickly helped his German Shepherd over the counter. The dog started to charge towards the now-fleeing robber, and out of the store. What a scene – dogs are truly the best!

Watch the footage in the video below!

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