If you thought humanity is all gone to the dogs, you better think again! This story will lift your spirits in more ways than one!

So this guy, Francisco, was walking along and minding his own business when he happened to notice something lying on the road-side. It was a tiny being that clearly needed his help. A cat!

The little kitty was desperate, and this man knew he couldn’t walk past, so he “scooped” her up and went home. He bathed and fed her. He gave her a nice place to live. He even made a warm bed for her!

But that’s not the end of it. The real stuff started happening when Francisco decided to introduce his dog, Molly, to the little feline.

You might have picked up some “chatter” about pit bulls being some aggressive dogs, but this one in this video will prove otherwise. Just see how he welcomes the cat. So gentle and loving!

Be sure to watch to the last mark.

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