Jenny and Jim Desmond are the owners of the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue in West Africa. They’re working hard to save animals in need of help in the region.

So when they found a tiny puppy fighting to survive, they knew they had to do something about it.

The couple took the dying puppy to the sanctuary to give her the medical treatment she needed.

Snafu, the poor puppy, was in very bad shape, she was emaciated, and she had infections and worms all over her tiny body, so they focused all their attention on her, doing the best they can and praying she could make it.

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Fortunately, with love and care, Snafu’s state got better. Her eyes became brighter and her skin began to improve. That’s when the couple decided it was time to introduce Snafu to the other animals in the sanctuary.

However, they had no idea how well she would get on with the other residents.

The chimpanzees get quickly attached to her. They didn’t only fell in love with her, but they helped and took care of her all the time.

As Snafu was growing up and getting back her good health, the chimpanzees stayed by her side although they couldn’t cuddle her anymore because she was overgrowing them.

Finally Snafu was recovered and all ready to be adopted. Jenny managed to find her a forever home with her nieces in Colorado.

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She’s now getting all the love from two sisters and their parents, thanks to the sanctuary’s efforts and some chimpanzees’ love.

Check out Snafu’s amazing journey and the friends she made along the way in the clip below.

We know that animals can show affection, but I’ve never seen chimpanzees interact with a puppy like this. It’s both amazing and adroable thing to witness.

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