Most of the animals are really fond of humans, especially if they are raised by one when they are at the early stage of lives. Not just domestic animals like dogs, cats, and barn animals, but wild animals like lion, tiger and even bears find affection if they are brought up along with humans. Take this polar bear in the video below for example! This female polar bear named Agee was just a little fur ball when Mark Dumas, an animal trainer brought her home. Now 18 years later, Mark is Agee’s father, mother and companion combined.

At first, Mark brought Agee home as a part of a project. He was supposed to find a polar bear to photograph and that is when he heard about Agee. Agee’s mother was quite old and she was not able to take care of her. Now Mark has grown attached to Agee and same goes the other way around as well.

Watch their precious friendship in the video below:


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