It’s always nice to see unusual animal friendships. When two animals from different species put aside their differences and learn to love each other, we can certainly learn from them. The horse in this found a new friend in a tiny pit bull puppy, and their interactions are just adorable.

Jabby, the standard-bred horse, was sitting in his stable. That is when Herbie the pit bull came to visit him. The two formed an instant connection as well.

Herbie would wait at Jabby’s stall to play with him. Jabby too would nibble on the dog gently. There were totally obsessed with each other, in the cutest way possible.

They are so playful together! Jabby seems to know Herbie is still a pup, so he is very gentle with the pooch. He is also patient when Herbie jumps all over his muzzle. They might have just befriended each other, but these two are set to be inseparable as they grow older together!

Check out this adorable duo below:

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