Winter is one of our favorite seasons because of all the fun we can have in the snow. Making snowman and sliding down the hills is something everyone enjoys, no matter if you are young or old. But it looks like animals love it even more.

It seems the spring is coming, and the snow is slowly melting, but that doesn’t stop this beautiful dog from making the best out of the remaining snow. He is indeed a true professional when it comes to sliding and partying.

He can’t have it enough of flipping over, and sliding down with his legs in the air. This way, he can feel the fresh breeze and the beauty of the chilly day. He is so smart, that once he gets to the bottom, he immediately does everything over again. Watching him carelessly and enthusiastically enjoying the winter games, we get the urge to join him, and have fun ourselves.

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This amusing dog, reminds us of the time when we were little kids, and couldn’t wait for the winter to come. We recall all those cold days spend outside in the neighborhood, tossing snowballs, making snow angels, and catching snowflakes with our tongues out. These perfect days would end up with having a nice cup of hot chocolate, and then doing to bed.

This dog simply reminds us of the beauty we can find in the small things. It’s amazing how a little snow can bring so much happiness in one’s life. We hope this dog’s day will end with a nice treat to warm him up.

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