A dog is generating quite some buzz on the internet, and this video only serves to make people love the canine even more. You want to know what’s really going? Here’s it!

In April 2012, passersby on a street in southwestern China noticed something a little unusual. A Golden retriever standing “upright,” with his front legs on a bike and his hind legs firmly on the ground. Apparently, the owner is somewhere in the vicinity attending to some business, so this cool canine has been tasked with protecting this beloved property from any would-be thieves. From the look of this dog’s preparedness, you can bet any thief would want to keep a good distance from that bicycle!

Next, you see the owner as he shows up to take control of the situation. He takes the bike and proceeds to get ready to ride. But there’s one more thing. The canine is catching this ride too!

This video is awesome! See what the dog does next. He even gives a sign to start the ride when he’s all set. Wow!

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