For dogs in the Big Apple, the subway is off-limits unless they fit into a bag or carrier. Small-to-medium dogs have options, but what’s a big dog owner to do? Well, intrepid New York dog owners have mastered the art of training even the biggest dogs into riding happily in a backpack or duffle. Color us impressed.

Not sure how you’d pull it off with your own fabulous big dog? Fortunately, you can always find a loving sitter or in-home doggy daycare close by. Or, you know, snap up a sturdy laundry tote for less than twenty bucks and try it out!

Happy Traveler

Watching the world go by

New from IKEA, the Woofensatchel

Just hangin’ out

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Backpack Boston! #subwaydog #subwaydogs #doginabag

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Dog Jenga

If I fit, I sits

Pit bull in a bag

Pit bull owners know they’ve got it good.

Traveling in style

Have dog, will travel—with the right look, natch.

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Traveling in style

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Yeah, I’m comfy

“Hold me, hold me, hold me!” – dogs.

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#subwaydog #dogsofinstagram

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Whatever you say, Dad

Huskies, why the cuteness all the time?


Dogs: always gotta be right next to you. No, really.

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#subwaydog #subwaydogs #dogdaysofsubway

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If you can’t wear the backpack, why not ride?

Precious cargo

Frenchies ftw.

Subway Shibe

Can you see the sign?

Yes, because dog vision.

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