This sweet moment has blown up the internet, and it isn’t hard to see why!

We are all people, but the way we treat the less fortunate and the vulnerable is what define us as individuals and humans. Being there for someone in need of help, whether it is a person or an animal, is what makes this world go round.

Animals are essential part of human’s existence and it is of crucial importance that we treat them as such. They possess the ability to love and are not afraid to show that to their human parents and pals. If you wonder how they do it just think of all those times when your dog was waiting for you to come back home at the front door, or that time when your cat gave you a bunch of licks.

But let’s get honest. Although any animal can make a great pet, nothing beats the dogs. They are the only animals who love you more than they love themselves.

Think of the benefits both dogs and people can have from each other when they share a home. Canines and kids make best of friend. Growing up around one can teach children responsibility and will turn them into more joyful and more caring individuals.

However, it is important that you teach your little ones to respect the dogs, enjoy their company, give them belly rubs, play with them, and consider them part of the family. That’s the only way for them to be accepted by the four-legged family members who are extremely patient with their human brothers and sisters.

The below video is just another proof of the strong bond young kids and dogs can create. It has been labeled as the “cutest video EVER” and if you take a look at it you’ll see why.

A lovely pit bull and his little sister share a bed and sleep together. It’s obvious they both enjoy each other’s company a lot.

Kyle Leary posted the video on Facebook on Dec. 30, and it has taken off since. He added, “Just A girl tucking in her 100lbs Pitbull best friend and bodyguard for life. If you raise them with love, they only show love.”

Cutest video EVER. Just A girl tucking in her 100lbs Pitbull best friend and bodyguard for life. If you raise them with love, they only show love. #daughter #pitbull #pit #pitbullsofinstagram #bestfriends #bff #protector

Posted by Kyle Leary on Sunday, December 30, 2018

“This is Adalynn Leary tucking in Fury Leary, her best friend and bodyguard since birth who is a 100+pound blue nose pitbull,” he explained in a comment on the video.

“We live in Palmer, Alaska and recently got hit hard by a 7.0 earthquake and we’ve had over 5,000 aftershocks. Since then Ady has been having severe anxiety and trouble sleeping. The only way she’ll sleep is if Fury is in there with her to protect and ease her anxiety. Normally he sleeps on the floor next to her bed but that night she called him up to cuddle him.”

This beautiful girl and her family couldn’t ask for a better pet. They are certain their little one is always safe when around her furry pal.


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