We can never imagine the pain a mother in grief feels. This is what a dog experienced when the barn that housed her seven puppies was full of flames.

The incident happened on February 20, 2017 in Roseburg, a small city in Southwestern Oregon.

Jessica Woodruff, the dogs’ owner who also owned a pig and four goats who also lost their lives in that devastating fire, rushed to the disintegrating building, but it was too late, she said.

Daisy, the mama dog, attempted to save her babies, but Jessica, heartbroken, kept her from what would have been a suicide mission.

In the days and weeks that followed, Daisy succumbed to depression. She refused to eat. She’d often go down to where the barn stood and whine for her babies, desperate for their return. They never would.

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Jacque Barnett, Jessica’s sister, was desperate to help the dog that meant so much to her sister get through this trying time. One idea that came to mind was seeing if there were any puppies in the area who needed a foster home so that Daisy’s maternal instincts could have an outlet. However, it seemed like no matches would be found as she had no success with local shelters and vets.

However, Jacque soon learned, thanks to Facebook, that Lorna Murphy, who was from a small community 60 miles to the northwest, had a 5-year-old dog, Chloe, who had died while giving birth to eight puppies. Those black-and-white pups were desperate for someone to take care of them, and Daisy was desperate to take care of someone. It was a perfect match. “It was meant to be,” Jacque said.

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Although nothing will replace the puppies who tragically lost their lives in that fire, Daisy’s heart has started filling with love again now that she has eight puppies to show love and care for and help them grow. As a result, her depression seems to have lifted, and she seems happier than she had been following the fire.

The puppies are also so happy to have a mama dog again and to be able to enjoy natural mother’s milk again. Lorna and her family took care of them as best as they could, but that was one area they could not.

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Do you know of anybody who has had animals who suffered this type of tragedy, either losing babies shortly after they were born or babies losing their mother at birth or soon afterwards?

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