Heroes all over the world help out animals who encounter trouble or difficulties. We see this with dogs rescued from animal shelters, with people rescuing dogs from the street, and with acts of kindness that go a long way in the life of an innocent animal.

We also see it in the story below – when a motorist stopped along a highway to help out a little foal in distress.

Animal friends are out driving along a road uneventfully when suddenly a small foal can be seen hiopping along the road ahead of them.

A dangerous situation, as any car could easily hit and injure -or worse- kill, the little foal.

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The foal somehow ended up on the wrong side of the fence and away from the rest of his family. He finds his way back to his frantic and worried mother – but with the large fence obstacle between them, there is little either of them can do to be reunited.

One of the men from the car then decides to save the day. He bravely goes after the foal, and manages to grab him – then gently carries him over to the other side, back to the safety of his mother.

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Check out the heroic deed in the clip below.

I’m so relieved these heroes happened to be driving by and spotted the foal before tragedy could have struck – not to mention, managed to reunite the little foal with his loving mom!

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