Shangri-La is a hotel chain that prides itself in the best of the hospitality services. It operates in Europe, Asia, America and Middle East. It also boasts the best of brains when it comes to getting the word out about their services.

The video here is one of their most successful adverts ever. It features this guy looking for a nice spot to rest in the snow. It’s freezing cold out there. He tries to light a fire, but his match sticks fail. He’s in trouble. He’s going to die out there. He falls over the snow and passes out!

That’s when wolves start emerging from the woods. Their glowing eyes pronounce danger. They approach the man as if they’ve about to pounce on him, and then they rush.

When the guy wakes up, he finds himself all cuddled up among wolves that bundled up against him to keep him warm. He’s a stranger, and a stranger should be treated as one of their own. Well, that’s the hotel’s motto!

Commenters are sharing their praise for the commercial that was well executed…

“This is the BEST ad that I have ever seen!!”

“I love this advertisement to much..maybe because I love animals of a types…”

Watch the clever commercial below:

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