Sometimes, weather conditions can be really harsh, and while we are having a cup of hot chocolate wrapped up in a warm blanket in the coziness of our place, we shouldn’t forget of the stray animals that are left wandering the streets with no one by their side.

Luckily, there are people out there who would do anything in their power to help as many strays as possible. When this kind-hearted man stumbled upon a pregnant dog, he knew he had to find a way to keep her and her babies safe and warm so he came up with a brilliant idea.

He built a nice tiny house that he placed against a building.

A couple of days later, the good Samaritan went to check up on the mommy-to-be and see whether she welcomed her bundles of joy into the world.

He was really excited to meet the newborns, but once he approached the house he came across something astounding.

The mommy dog and her litter were inside the shelter, but to the man’s surprise, they weren’t alone. The family had the most unusual company.

A stray grey mommy cat that gave birth to four little kittens in the same tiny house.

Both moms were doing great and their newborns were all healthy.

It was simply unbelievable how a dog and a cat could share the same place. Instead of hating each other, as many people would assume, they were each other’s support. It turned out that the dog saw another mother in distress and offered her place.

The man took his phone out and made a footage of the amazing scene. This really is motherhood at its finest.

As he can be heard saying in the video: “How cool. People gonna think I’m lying.

It’s incredible to see. But look … it’s like a maternity ward in here.”

Watch the heartwarming footage in the video below:

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