Animal cruelty is a common occurrence. Sometimes, the abusers mistreat the animals for their economic gain.

Kevie is a lovely fox with a rare singing talent. The fox was days away from being killed on a fur farm, when a miracle happened. When she was taken from the fur farm, she was malnourished and had brittle bones. Thanks to her frail condition, she was unable to fend for herself and live freely like the other animals.

The rescuers were at a loss wondering if they would find a safe home for her.

After a long search, they were able to find a home for Kevie. Weeks later, Kevie’s health has improved. She has even begun recording music as a way of showing gratitude and joy to her rescuers.

If you do not believe me, turn up the volume and watch Kevie in action. You will fall in love with her wonderful singing. Let us know what you think in the comments section. We wish to commend her rescuers for the selfless efforts.

Watch the video below :

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