There are lots of dog and cat videos on the internet. But parrots aren’t very far behind. It seems like they are slowly taking over the web. We have all come across cockatoos and cockatiels sing and talk before. The video below features another precious parrot. You are going to be smiling from face to face when you see this little Lorie talk!

This beautiful red Lorie is known as Sparky. His owner thinks he is the smartest Lorie bird in the world. And after you watch this video, you just might agree with him! According to the guy, he wasn’t really planning on recording the bird, but then Sparky started to talk up a storm and he just had to continue filming!

Sparky is very gracious. This little bird could give even the most polite host a run for their money! I could listen to this little guy speak all day! It is just the cutest thing ever!

Watch this cute clip below! What did you think about Sparky’s talent? Did the bird make you smile? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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