Kings of the jungle, lions are often perceived as wild and vicious. We think that they might attack any human even if they are not hungry. However, it is not entirely true. Even though their body is totally controlled by their natural instincts, they can also create a loving and social relationship with humans. Take this video below for instance!

Or Lazmi, this lady featured in the video below has a close relationship with these four lions. They not just take her as their family but she is the leader. Or Lazmi has been taking care of these lions since they were cubs, so they must think that she is an adult and an alpha. However, this relationship might come to an end soon. The wildlife park where these beautiful predators are now living, intends to release these humanly-raised lions out into the wild once they are older enough. They hope to prove that lions in captivity can be restored to their natural habitat once again.

Watch this video below:


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