Horses are cute and lovely. Anyone who has ever spent some time with a nice horse will attest to the fact that a horse can be quite a close friend. In fact, a horse can sometimes harbor emotions, and that’s makes it better when they try o communicate their feelings with their owners.

That’s why horses are great as close friends to people recovering from trauma, especially war veterans. That’s exactly what Bob Nevins had in mind when he started the Saratoga War Horse program. The program entails teaming up war veterans with horses to help them deal with trauma and lead better and more comfortable lives. Something to note is that these horses were previous race horses that led pretty disturbing lives. They’re traumatized and they need good company to recover.

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In the video, you watch as this one veteran get to this cool horse. At first, there’s an element of distrust between the two, but they soon realize that they are meant to be friends and be together forever. The human is about to cry!

Watch the clip and love it.

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