You’ve certainly came across stories where animals from different species share a special bond. However, this unlikely pair’s story is one of the most touching animal stories i’ve ever read. A brown mama cow and the little puppy she raised as her own.

Rookie is an orphaned puppy, his mom sadly died after giving birth to him. Luckily, a cow stepped in to raise him herself.

The two lived together for two years, they ate and slept side by side in a farmer’s barn. They were inseperable, wherever the cow goes, you’ll see Rookie following her behind and taking shelter between her legs whenever she was scared or needed comforting.

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Then one day, and because of his difficult financial situation, the farmer realized that raising his two cows is too hard for him.

So he decided to give the brown mama cow to another farmer who lived nearby to make ends meet.

As you’re about to see see, Rookie could not have been more heartbroken by the separation.

He yelped and cried, refused to eat, and spent the day longing for his mother to come back. At one point, Rookie even ran off the farm to follow his mama’s voice as she mooed from her new stall.

In the end, the farmer changed his mind and decided to keep the cow for the sake of the puppy who loves her.

Thank goodness this has a happy ending!

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Since Rookie was so used to his bovine kin, the vet said it was important that he socialize with other dogs.

But no one will ever take the place of his mama cow.

The love this tiny dog feels for the cow is out of this world. She is indeed a mother to him, and although the vet believes he has to make friends with those of his kind, the cow will always be the most important animal in Rookie’s life.

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