Everyone knows how dogs can be loyal to their humans. And this dog proved in the best yet heartbreaking way.

In the video below, a dog named Zozo is seen and his story of loyalty will surely touch your heart. Some people won’t believe it, but for others, it is love in its best form.

Zozo was only a week old when he was orphaned and found by a man named Zafer Öztürk.

The man took the pup in immediately and committed to raising him.

Unfortunately, Zafer fell sick in 2014 and passed away shortly after that, leaving his family and dog behind. It was very hard for Zozo. The family saw how changed he was in the mourning campaign.

But they weren’t even close to guessing how really sad he was until they went to visit Zafer’s grave for the first time.

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The poor sad dog went to the fresh soil and snuggled on top of it to feel closer to his master.

Then, Zozo refused to go back home, leaving his master behind. After that, Zozo visited the grave to mourn the loss of his master, running away from home every day. The family took very good care of Zozo but nobody could ever replace Zafer.

We hope he moves on from this grief soon!

Watch the faithful dog in the video below:

It is both heartwarming and sad to see that after two years Zozo is still so dedicated to his former owner.

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