This video is about Wlliam Chapman who was out in his boat, filming some orcas (also known as killer whales) when something came up right next to his boat that had him just a little uncomfortable. It may be a freaky sight, but it sure would be once-in-a-lifetime as well.

Killer whales rely on their highly developed vocalizations and the hearing ability for navigating, finding prey, and communication. Because of this, the increased underwater sound caused by boat engines may be detrimental to survival by impairing foraging and other behavior.

Some people expressed concern because of how close he got and the fact that he doesn’t appear to kill the motor on his boat. But we all know that he must have been too freaked out to even think to stop the engine.

Time to enjoy this amazing sight and check out the video at 2:07 you’ll see the magic happen!

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