I have seen all sorts of animal rescue videos, but definitely not like the following one. The video below is about a deer who was rescued, and looking at it will get you touched. It goes that the deer of the female sex happened to be involved in an accident when a car hit it. The consequence of the accident was that the deer got deeply cut on the head. Upon seeing the deer like that, Simon Cowell, a founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation, decided that she needed to be taken to a vet hospital.

But to save her, Simon had one big problem. The issue was that time was not on his side. Facts from research done indicated that these creatures do suffer from a condition known as “capture myopathy.” This is a complicated disease that is commonly experienced when one captures or handles any wild creature. Actually, capture myopathy can make a deer to die due to the stress that accumulates. Because of this fact, Simon had to quickly take the deer to be stitched then immediately after take him back to the woods. After he took him back to the woods, the deer got some problems in getting on his feet. Surprisingly enough, the deer never wanted to part away from him.

Watch the clip below :

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