The time for Max the cockatoo to visit the vet has reached, but he does not want to have any of it! According to his owner, whenever he sees the carrier, he associates it with visiting the vet. He has just seen it and lets those around him know what he feels about it!

This video shows the bird’s way of communicating with his Dad. He does not feel it’s necessary to visit the vet and goes as far as hiding under the table to prevent the visit from taking place. You can tell he is really sad from the gibberish he utters.

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The kind of explanation dad offers on the importance of visiting the vet seems to be falling on deaf hears. Does he really know it’s for him to stay healthy and happy? He is not one to take advice when it comes to such matters. The argument goes to the next level when he protrudes his crest for everyone to notice the point she’s trying to put across.

This reminds me of a toddler arguing with a father even when he is being given some vital information. What a rib-cracking argument!

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