It is no surprise that pets and children form an incredible relationship when they form an unlikely but soulful kinship. Layered with unconditional love and loyalty, the strong bond can develop anywhere, even if the two parties have different habitats. This is a tale of a boy living on land and an aquatic stingray.

Valle Gran Ray is a fishing-based village in the Canary Islands; it is also Joel’s home. When the fishermen used to throw their excess catch back into the sea with the intention of attracting more sea life, he would feed the excess to his a giant stingray, one with whom he had formed a friendship.

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The video depicts Joel’s bond with his friend. When he kneels on the sea-shore steps, the stingray immediately swims over to him. Joel pets him as a greeting. The meeting is only parted after the young boy feeds the stingray. The aquatic animal swims away with a stomach full of shrimp and a final pet from Joel.

Here is visual evidence that proves that stingrays are just as adorable and loving as any other pet. They only attack when there is a threat to their security, otherwise, they are usually non-aggressive.

Just watch the video below to see how much the two of them love each other and enjoy each other’s company!

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