Giant petrel attacks terrified penguins, but unlikely hero saves them just at time

Penguins’ lives are both unexpected and thrilling. While that could be quite adventurous, you can’t deny it’s a risky business. Without argument, they’re one of the cutest creatures in the world. But everything that’s cute is also vulnerable. At times, these penguins can be in grave danger. Danger from the predators. Predators in their abode.

Extracted from a BBC documentary titled ‘Spy in the Snow’, the footage shows a group of adorably fluffy penguin chicks huddling cutely together to keep themselves warm in the seemingly spectacular but harshly ruthless snow.

But misfortune struck them without warning.

The adorable creatures were noticed by a huge petrel, who suddenly dived towards them. It was no secret what its intentions were.

As the little ones waddled together in fright, the bird flew towards them with unsympathetic precision. It looked like an inevitable tragedy.

But you will never guess what happened next! In fact, we’re not gonna tell you, you have to, HAVE TO, watch the video yourself! Click to see if the plight of the penguins was heard! And if it was…by whom?

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