Did you know that elephants are extremely intelligent creatures, despite the notoriety that surrounds them? One special elephant is a resident in the local Elephant Nature Park located in Chiang Mai, Thailand – and she demonstrates a human-elephant bond with her handler like no other!

These majestic animals are able to seek solace and comfort among the volunteers who work there and care for their every need. Just ask Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, who is the founder of the Save Elephant Foundation.

Her relationship with one particular pachyderm named Faamai is truly a sight to behold – and a source of envy for many!

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Lek usually swats away pesky flies for Faamai with a rag and begins singing to the elephant. It is a special lullaby Faamai loved, and the attention Lek is giving her is getting her pretty drowsy in the process.

Faamai begins to gently lower herself down onto the ground in a resting position soon after hearing Lek’s loving voice serenading her!

Fun fact – elephants actually love to listen to lullabies! According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, classical music soothes the moods of many Asian elephants. One orchestra violinist named Eleanor Bartsch played a concerto for two elephants belonging to the Circus World Museum in the past – and they swayed along with the music! Not only does Faamai get comfortable very quickly, she even nestles herself near Lek in a loving manner!

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Watch the elephant fall asleep in the video below!

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