We often hear the saying “fighting like cats and dogs”, maybe because these people think that dogs and cats would never get along. However, this isn’t always true and that’s what the video below proves.

Firefighters in Melbourne received an urgent call about a family’s house on fire.

When they got to the scene, they were informed that the family’s dog is still inside. When they rushed inside, they had no clue, they would save more than one life. They actually saved five because Leo stayed behind in the fire to save four newborn kittens.

The four-legged hero named Leo stayed behind and refused to leave the newborn kittens. He protected them until help arrived.

With the family safe, firefighters rushed into the home to save the beloved pets. They found the dog and carried him — and the kittens — out just in time. They were able to save the animals and revive them all with oxygen.

“Leo wouldn’t leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life,” Ken Brown of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade told the local news station.

Eventually, the family reunited with all of their pets—including the mother of the kittens, who was initially lost in the commotion.

As for Leo, who risked his life to protect the baby felines from danger, he was hailed a hero by the Australian fire brigade.

Watch Leo’s selfless act in the video below:

Luckily thanks to Leo, the kittens haven’t used up any of their nine lives. Please SHARE this incredible story with all your family and friends.


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