Did the mother of this foal become distracted for just a few moments? She turned around to gaze at her newborn, but the foal had disappeared, it seemed, almost into thin air.

On a pasture in Brazil’s Sao Gabriel do Oeste, a pregnant horse named Boneca gave birth to a foal. Her owners became aware that Boneca’s belly was no longer big and realized she must have had a foal, but it could not be seen anywhere.

To make matters worse, Boneca was running frantically all over the place looking for her newborn. So they began searching, and heard cries coming from underground. They discovered that the foal had tumbled into an ants nest and was trapped.

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The farmers started digging, paying close attention so as not to hurt the little horse with the spade. After a few moments, they pulled out the foal to be reunited with its mother.

Fortunately he was not harmed, but was obviously very hungry. He joined his mom for some nourishment, and hopefully in the future can avoid falling into any more ants nests.

Watch the nail-biting rescue video below:

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